Cell Groups

What is a cell group?

Cell groups are small meetings where members seek to develop their faith and grow together. The meetings, which take place weekly, consist of four sections: welcome, worship, word and witness (the 4Ws). In many ways a cell group is similar to the old class meetings where members learn to trust and be accountable to each other as well as exploring how we can put our faith into action.

If you would like to join a cell group or have any questions do not hesitate to contact Us.

A New Way of Being Church?

Do you dream of a church that grows and multiplies? Do you long to be part of a small group that is transformed by God? Would you like to be a part of a group where Christians try to be ‘real’ with each other – more loving, more adaptable, available and accountable? Would you like an opportunity to discuss ways that you can try to work out your faith everyday? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then joining a cell group is for you.

What is a cell group?
It is a small group that meets regularly to worship, use the Bible to seek God’s direction for our lives and to witness to others. It is not a house group or Bible study group although it is similar to both. In many ways cell groups are similar to the old Methodist class meetings but with a modern slant. Many small groups do not develop or change but an emphasis of a cell group is to grow and multiply. To this end members of cell groups will be active in inviting friends, both from within and outside the church, to events that the cell has organised as well as encouraging them to attend Alpha courses. All members of the cell group are encouraged, but not pressured, to lead sections of the meetings.

Does it work?
Many growing churches in the UK are finding that the cell church model works. We have had a pilot group in the circuit for the past few months and now feel that the time is right to expand. The group has been a blessing to all involved and we have grown closer to each other and to God in the few months that we have been meeting.

How can I get involved?
Please see http://www.northwestdurhammethodists.org.uk/cellgroups.htm

What happens at a cell group meeting?

There are four sections to a typical cell group meeting—these are known as the four W’s. Often, different members of the group lead different sections of the meeting.

Welcome - a short discussion question or activity. This is usually related to the theme of the meeting.

Worship - 10-20 minutes of worship. This may involve singing, prayer, meditation or other activities.

Word - A Bible passage is read and discussed. The focus of the discussion is on how we can apply the Scripture to our everyday lives.

Witness - A time of prayer and planning. An important part of cell groups is that they grow and multiply. The cell organises events to which they can invite friends and family.